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Recently, I was a bored, bored person and I decided that I would write you a post that would make you more informed on food. But then, I found tons of other websites that would do the work for me so, here it is.

Did you know that microwave cooking was invented by someone accidentally melting a chocolate bar in their pocket?

For more interesting little tid bits go to:

New movie trailer revealing more surprising (Yah, right!) and disturbing facts about our diets.

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Mocha Mousse

Yum! In a tea cup! People just keep getting more and more creative!


Frugal chocolate and coffee mousse

As you will all know, there are certain dishes, be they savoury or sweet, that stick in one’s mind in an almost belligerent manner. Such treats, though delicious in the first instance, often subject one to interminable temptation, thus reducing even real men like myself (snigger) to insatiable wretches. The only thing able to cure such flagrant desire is what caused it in the first place, or something very much like it. The only problem with that is it creates a rather detestable cycle in which one becomes hooked to a certain food. In my case chocolate mousse is the culprit – it is simply too good. However, since I rarely like to make the same dessert twice I had to think of a way to alter the recipe, but still maintain what I loved about it in the first place; it’s texture and lightness. Happily, this was easily…

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Kung Pao Chicken

I guess I don’t really have an Asian cuisine side to my blog so, here y’are!


The great classic of Sichuan cuisine most commonly known as ‘Kung Pao Chicken’ is one that will be familiar to many people nowadays as it has become almost ubiquitous on Chinese restaurant menus both within China and around the world. In English, the variations on the name are almost legion and include (but are far from limited to) ‘Gongbo’, ‘Kung Pow’, ‘Kun Po’, and the highly memorable, if slightly unappetizing ‘Koon Poo’, which I actually came upon at restaurant in eastern Canada many years ago.

In Chinese, the name is most commonly seen as 宮保鸡丁 (Traditional: 宮保雞丁), and is generally rendered in Pinyin as Gōngbǎo Jīdīng, meaning ‘Palace Guard Chicken Cubes’. The origins of the dish, and the variations in nomenclature, make for a truly fascinating study and could easily, I think, form the subject of a graduate thesis or a small book. Unfortunately, any real discussion of these topics…

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Apple Ice Tea

Hey , everyone!

I find that I become quite creative over the summer with preparing beverages to consume in the unforgivable, sweltering heat… Okay! You caught me! It’s has been raining the past few days… But, I suppose that will have to be my excuse for re-introducing the flavors that we often associate with carols, merriment, and Santa Claus.

Apple Ice Tea: Using the flavors of Christmas to refresh myself in the summertime.

This recipe will make one pitcher of tea.

– half an apple sliced thinly and then in cut in half creating a half moon shape

– three mulled apple individual tea bags with the strings cut off (I used PC Mulled Apple tea)

– a slice or a wedge of lemon

– as much sugar as you like (I used three heaping tablespoons of brown sugar)

– two litres of hot water (preferably steaming though not boiling like mad)

Step 1

Put all of the ingredients excepting the hot water into the fridge

Step 2

Once steaming add the hot water into the pitcher as well

Step 3

Place pitcher in the refrigerator to cool

Step 4

Remove the tea bags when tea is cool enough to drink

Step 5


Sweet Chickpea Salsa

ImageThis recipe works great for people who don’t like very spicy food. WARNING: This recipe does have a bit of spice to it! I’d rate it a mild.

 To Prepare:

– cook the chickpeas

– cook the corn

-chop the yellow pepper

– chop the onion

– mince the garlic

In a bowl:

– Use some honey

– Add a splash of hot pepper sauce

-And then add some vinegar

In another bowl:

-combine all previous ingredients

– add some chia seed

– And pour the sauce over top

Enjoy this salsa with some tortilla chips or eat it by itself- if you’re that kind of freaky.


Improvised Slushies

Today, I found myself craving a slushy. It might have the incredible heat, the unbearable thirst, or the complete and utter boredom, but I created today a little piece of genius; called a slushy.

You’ll need:

– Lots of ice cubes (about a tray full)

– 1 whole orange (or if you prefer no pulp, the juice of 1-2 oranges)

– 1 tsp honey


Blend the ice cubes into shards and then add the orange in slowly making sure everything is blended nicely. Add the honey. You also might have to add a shot of water so that everything blends smoothly. Easy, simple, and ready to go!


3 Ingredient Dinner: Salty and Spicy

Yesterday was a “fend for yourself” dinner night, so I took the simplest ingredients in my fridge and threw them together. Thus behold the Three Ingredient Dinner! You’ll need:

1. Cheddar cheese (grated or sliced)

2. Your favorite tortillas (sliced in half)

3. Asparagus (an inch of the end cut off on each)

You’ll also need these simple ingredients you can usually find in your cupboards at home:

– Salt

– Black Pepper

– Olive Oil


First, place the asparagus in a pan or baking sheet suitable for use in the oven and brush them with olive oil. Then sprinkle with a healthy amount of black pepper and pinch of salt. Bake in the oven for 15 mins at 375 degrees.

On the stove, melt some butter into a pan. Sprinkle some cheese on each half of the tortillas and roll them. Like so,

Then fry the wrap/ rolls in the butter. When the first side turns golden brown flip it and wait for the same results.

Any Questions? Enjoy those grilled cheese tortillas and roasted asparagus!

Good Luck!🙂

Yum! Everyone will be eating these this summer!🙂

Cookie Talk

I know it isn’t quite July, but close enough. I assume you have planned out your 4th of July menu? No? Well, dessert is now decided. It’s easy, delicious, and a bit surprising: gingerbread ice cream sandwiches.

Gingerbread need not be reserved for just Christmas.  But no one really wants a rich, spicy cake when it is 100 degrees out. Gingerbread just seems way too heavy all by its lonesome. But freeze it and add some ice cream? Well, that is a whole different ball game.

This treat is fast and easy to make. You do have to turn your oven on, but only for 30 minutes, tops, including preheating.  It doesn’t have to be perfect (I think it looks better if it is not), can be cut to any size you want, and you can even use whatever ice cream you want. Although I think vanilla is best, but…

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